Lakeside Veterinary Clinic

88 Libby Hill Road
Oakland, ME 04963




We continue to be open during our regular working hours to provide care for our current client’s pets.  Please call if you have any questions.


Our current hours are now Mon, Tues, Thurs 8 am to 5 pm. Wed and Fri 8 am to 3 pm. For the time being, the clinic will be closed on Saturday.


Our car side service has been going very well and we are so thankful for all the kindness, understanding and loyalty of our wonderful clients.  Hopefully this will keep us all safe and able to continue providing essential care to our patients.

Given the many unknowns surrounding Coronavirus and its spread, Lakeside Vets will be proactive in slowing the spread in our community by no longer allowing clients  in the clinic, i.e. in the waiting room and exam rooms, for the time being. 

In order to ensure the safety of all our clients, our staff and doctors, Lakeside Vets asks that all clients wait in their cars with their pets when coming to the clinic. Staff will gladly come to you, and are also happy to speak with you over the phone, even if you are just outside (it's much safer!). When directed, you can grab a slip leash from the hook by the door, put it on your dog and meet us at the door.

PLEASE mention if you or any family members are ill when you come, as we will take extra precautions. We will return your pet promptly after the appointment, during which you are welcome to FaceTime or Skype if you would like to and we are able to.

If you are picking up product, medications or food, we will bring it out to you. If you could call ahead letting us know you are coming and what you need (24 hours notice would be much appreciated), we would really appreciate it. Our mobile credit card reader allows us to check out “car side”, and of course cash is always accepted.

Although these precautions may seem overly cautious, we would rather err on that side. We appreciate all our clients so much, and we hope that things change for the better soon, with as few people affected as possible. We also appreciate your patience and cooperation and we navigate through uncharted waters.

Although human health comes first, the health and well being of our animal friends remains very, very important to us and we will do all we can to ensure their health and comfort during this uncertain time.


Dr Eleanor Sabean

Owner, Lakeside Vets